Mumzilla Deals: Bestselling books for girls this season

Here at Mumzilla, we are very proud to offer the best books for girls around. We have all their favourite characters, stories, franchises, and even some old classics too! We really want to make reading as much fun as possible for your children as well as making it as affordable as possible for you parents! […]

Top 12 books for girls to read before they turn 12

Your search for the best books for 12 year old girls is now over! My daughter has always loved to read and that is why today we are looking at her bookcase to find you 12 awesome books that your own daughter will have a lot of fun with. These are books that are just […]

Bestselling children’s books for 8 year olds

When it comes to books for 8 – 10 year old girls, we are spoiling you for choice here at Mumzilla! While we are always working super hard to make sure that you have the best books possible to choose from when it comes to making reading fun for your child. We know that a […]

Top 5 Female Characters from Children’s Books

Today we are well and truly embracing girl power as we not only look at some of the best books for 8 – 10 year old girls. We are actually looking at the characters in these books. The female characters that are great role models for your children, the characters who will inspire your child […]

Why should you buy these books for your 9 year old girl?

9 is a big age to a child and that is why picking the right books for 8 – 10 year old girls is important. 9 is right in the middle of this and kids of this age are at all different levels when it comes to reading. This means for a parent, an aunt […]

Best Books for 5 Year Old Girls According to Their Parents

As parents to two daughters, my husband and I are very well versed in the world of books for 5-year-old girls. We know how important an age this is to really get your child invested in reading and to make it as fun and exciting as possible. Not just because reading is awesome, but because […]