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    Look & Find Dream Big Princesses

    Dream big with Rapunzel, Jasmine, Cinderella and more Disney Princesses! Discover surprises in 8 beautiful, busy scenes then turn to the back of the book for even more Look and Find challenges, fit for a Princess.

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    Bubble Magnets Disney Princess

    Use the 3-D bubble magnets to bring this book to life! This exciting format includes over 12 specially designed magnets that adhere to the pages of the book as you play the games and create new stories.

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    Compact Mobile Phone Holder

    This compact Mobile Phone / Device Holder provides hands-free mounting of mobile devices for easy viewing and safe driving. The suction lock attaches to the windscreen and has 360 degree rotation for optimal viewing angles. The stick, peel and renew technology allows the device to stick firmly against the cradle, to remove, hold cradle and peel the device from the side and to renew when dirty, remove cradle, rinse with water and let it air dry!

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    One Watt Led Lantern

    Dual purpose lantern and torch in one. Features multiple light settings and a sturdy aluminum case. Includes 3 triple A batteries. Great for fishing, camping, emergency, and home use.

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    12 Hidden Days Of Christmas – Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

    Kids love searching for Christmas gifts, and they can get a head start on the holiday with this joyful twist on the popular carol. You’ll recognize most of the words from “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but instead of “my true love” giving the presents, jolly Santa’s leaving them all around the house.

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    Construct-It! – Fork Lift

    Make your very own Awesome 99 Piece Forklift, packaged in a sealed box with real tools inside. Easy to assemble construction kit aimed at the mechanically minded.

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    Honey Pot Bear Placemat

    Meal time is fun with this great placemat. Your little one can enjoy eating along with Honey Pot Bear as he searches for Honey and goes on his many adventures.

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    Jigsaw Sorting Tray Set

    Now it’s easy to organise your puzzles. Sort by using the trays to seperate your puzle pieces. Link by easily linking your trays together for easy viewing. Stack by compacting your collection with the unique stacking system. Store using the trays taht can be safely stacked & stored in the box. Contains 6 interconnecting & stackable trays.

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    Construct-It! – Lift Truck

    Make your very own Awesome 120 Piece Lift Truck, packaged in a sealed box with real tools inside. Easy to assemble construction kit aimed at the mechanically minded.