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    Light Up Heli-Ball

    Flying LED Heli Ball USB Charging Helicopter, Every child’s favourite, the choice of tens of millions of parents.


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    Digital Drumsticks

    Motion Activated Drum Sticks featuring a combination of snares and crash symbol sounds.

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    SmartLab Toys Motorblox: Robot Lab

    Build and test three different walking robots—a Biped Bot, a QuadraBot, and a HexaBot— using the accessories in the kit, then add your own bricks to create custom motorized robots.

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    Stomp Rocket Explorer – 4 LED Rockets

    • The bright LED light inside each of these Stomp Rockets makes them stand out against a dark or gloomy sky!

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    Littlest Pet Shop Scene Style Set – Dance Club

    Dance, Pets, Dance If there’s one thing the pets like to do when they get the chance, it’s dance!At this cool Dance Club in the Pawza Hotel, the pets can really get down and boogie! And why not? It’s Pet Fest! Create a magical dance world highlighted by a sweeping staircase and a coolswing for pets to sit in when they’re not moving and grooving on the dance floor!

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    The Wiggles – 3 Inch Figure 4 Pack

    Get ready for some wiggly action with this set of articulated figures of The Wiggles. Includes, Simon, Anthony, Emma and Lachy.

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    SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator

    The Smart Lab Ultimate Vortex Generator is designed to inspire potential scientists with fun experiments.

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    Littlest Pet Shop Scene Style Set – Pawza Pool Party

    After a long day celebrating at Pet Fest, lots of pets like to do a few laps in the pool at the Pawza Hotel. Of course, a few of them just like to take a nice soak, too! At this deluxe pool, athletic pets can even jump off the diving board or ride down the slide to make a real splash! Create a cool, refreshing pool paradise with unique accessories, including a diving board and hoop for the really acrobatic pets, and pretend they’re really enjoying some watery fun!

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    Nerf Rebelle Charmed Everfierce Bow

    Guard the world from the dark forces that threaten it and launch into actionas a powerful protector. Take aim with The Nerf Rebelle Charmed EverFierce Bow that comes with a charm bracelet and charms! Fires 4 Darts in a Row Without Reloading.