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    My Little Pony Custom Frame Play-A-Sound Book

    Join Twilight Sparkle and her best friends as they team up with Seaponies, parrot pirates, and one wily cat from Klugetown to defeat the Storm King!

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    Toy Story 4 – Little Sound Book

    Exciting sounds and stories starring TV and film favorites are packed into little books that children love to read and read again!

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    My Little Pony Little Music Note Play-A-Sound Book

    Sing along with Twilight Sparkle and her best friends as they travel beyond Equestria on a new adventure! Plays 6 songs, including 4 songs from My Little Pony: The Movie! Music inspires movement and dance. Singing supports early reading. Rhythm and rhyme build literacy.

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    Toy Story 4 – Mini Deluxe Custom Frame

    Press 13 interactive buttons to bring an exciting Toy Story adventure to life with fun sounds! Matching words with pictures and sounds enhances reading comprehension, and connecting with favorite characters engages young readers at story time.

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    My Little Pony – Cupcake Mystery, A Flashlight Adventure Sound Book

    My Little Pony Cupcake Mystery Little Flashlight Sound Book. Will the ponies find their missing cupcakes? Use your flashlight to look for clues! Shine your flashlight on the 4 interactive pop-ups inside!5 buttons on the flashlight play pony quotes and fun sounds like Best party ever, Share the magic, and Here we go! Use the flashlight to create shadows and sounds!

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    The Lion King – Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe

    You can play piano! Listen to 9 popular songs, and play along on the color-coded keys!

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    Dreamworks Dinotrux – Trux It Up! Play-a-Sound Book

    Dreamworks Dinotrux: Trux It Up! When Revvit is captured by a scavenging Scrapadactyl, it's up to Ty and the Dinotrux to save him! Get in gear and join the rescue! 7 buttons add roars, revs, clanks, and clatters to the story!

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    Disney Princess – Storytime With Belle Play-a-Sound Book

    Disney Princess Storytime with Belle Play-a-Sound Book. Join Belle on a reading adventure! What stories will you find while exploring the castle? Complete the story by placing Belle into each scene! Press the red rose to hear Belle speak! Bell says Books can take you to the most amazing places! Belle also says I think I like adventure stories best, The castle library is wonderful, I can't wait to read all those books, Reading has always made me wonder about the world outside the village, Hmm…what should we read next?

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    Beat Bugs Busy Beats – Electronic Music Maker and 8-Book Library

    Read, sing and drum along with the Beat Bugs. Play 24 sing-along Beatles songs from the hit TV show Beat Bugs.