Welcome To Mumzilla

Customer Service Charter

“A fun team providing the best value and number one destination for online gifts for the whole family in Australia and New Zealand.”

Daves Deals Children Toys Books Customer Service Charter

Always stand by our values

We want our customers to support our growth by:

  • Never compromising on quality or safety of our products
  • Ensuring our products go through our own internal quality assurance checks
  • Committing to ensure our customers remain our #1 priority
  • Ensuring no-nonsense, headache free buying experience from our store.

What you can expect

In every dealing with Mumzilla you can expect us to:

  • Treat you fairly, with respect and courtesy
  • Provide you with accurate and consistent buying process
  • Provide a timely and reliable service that meets our service standards
  • Provide a clear email communication channel to keep in touch
  • Treat your information lawfully
  • Answer all your questions about finding the right gift for your child.

We listen to our customers.

Provide easy access to our services

We will do this by providing:

  • Access to the Mumzilla website 24 hours 7 days a week accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Telephone access on a 1300 number for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Australia.
  • Where required access to an interpreter for our culturally and linguistically diverse business community.
  • Unique online store concierge service where someone will help you complete the buying process should you ever get stuck.

Timely and reliable communication

We aim to meet our service standards by:

  • Answer your general telephone enquiries during the call or if that is not possible to return telephone calls as soon as possible and no later than in 1 working day.
  • Provide on-going and regular email updates regarding the progress of your customer service matter with us.
  • Respond to any online enquiries within 1 business hours.
  • Acknowledge complaints where an email address is provided and provide an outcome within 1 business days.
  • Provide multiple communication channels (Social, Email, Form, SMS, Telephone) to contact someone.

Answer all of your questions

Clear and transparent process.

  • We will provide you with honest feedback or clarifications of any issues which arise, providing the facts and being clear and objective.
  • Where required our team members will go away and go the extra mile to find additional detail for the information you have requested so you can get the complete answer.
  • You have every right to request a review of any response and we will inform you of the reasonable time to exercise these rights.
  • We will provide you with the full name and details of the team member you are dealing with. The contact details will appear in the email who has been handling your details.
  • You may lodge a complaint by email which we will manage in a timely, consistent and objective manner.


We will treat your information lawfully

Privacy and Personal Information Protection

The way we collect, store, use, access, correct and disclose your personal information is regulated by law. Details of Mumzilla obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 is explained on our website in the Privacy Policy.

If you think that your privacy or the confidentiality of your information has been breached your first step should be to try and resolve it with the person you have been dealing with (or phone the number you have been given). If you are not satisfied, you can make a complaint.


Treat you fairly with respect and courtesy

We will do this by:

  • Providing our names and appropriate contact details whether you contact us by phone, email or in person
  • Being polite, responsive, helpful and sensitive to your needs
  • Ensuring that the buying and delivery is clear and transparent
  • Behaving with honesty and integrity in all dealings with you
  • Ensuring our service delivery is sensitive to individuals from multicultural backgrounds.
  • Being responsive in meeting agreed on timeframes and following up on queries
  • Keeping you informed if ever there is a delay or issue with your order.
  • Apologising when we get it wrong


When you contact us

We will ensure and you can expect:

  • Our staff to be experienced and knowledgeable
  • Our business open Monday to Friday
  • Be able to contact someone between 9am-5pm AEST
  • Our communication channels will be readily available
  • We will provide alternative means if our representative is busy
  • Return any voicemails within 24hrs.

Help us improve

We want to ensure your buying experience with us is smooth, easy and hassle-free.

  • Tell us promptly of any changes that may affect the delivery of your purchases.
  • Provide “truth” and facts to the statements that support questions we ask
  • Provide us with all relevant information in your possession
  • Treat our staff with courtesy, consideration, and respect
  • Behave with honesty and integrity in all your contacts with us.


We welcome any feedback that will help improve Mumzilla.

We welcome your feedback whether compliments, suggestions or complaints. What you tell us can help us improve our services or correct a problem we may not have been aware of.

You can provide feedback via our contact form.

If you are unhappy with the way we have treated you, all complaints can be forwarded through our contact us page form, our Customer Service Charter explains your expectations in regards to getting back to you.