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    My Delightful Dolls’ House – Illustrated By Michelle Todd

    This is the complete kit – including a model dolls’ house, stand-up pieces, floor mat and book – all packaged in a re-usable folder which is ideal for storage.

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    Classic Fairy Tale Fold-Out Book – By Lee Krutop

    The magic of fairy tales comes alive in this beautiful fold-out book.Featuring 6 classic fairy tales, each three minutes long, perfect to read to your children before they go to sleep.

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    Make And Paint Your Own Racing Car

    This complete craft kit contains everything you need to make and paint your own Racing Car.

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    Make And Paint Your Own 4WD Vehicle

    This complete craft kit contains everything you need to make and paint your own 4WD vehicle.

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    Paint Your Own Ceramic Vase

    This complete craft kit contains everything you need to paint your very own ceramic vase!

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    DC Comics The New 52!

    Experience the thrilling universe of DC comics. The New 52 with this stunning poster book featuring cover art from Fan favourite series such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. Bringing incredible cover art to life like never before, DC comics – The New 52!

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    Marvel Avengers Hero Origins Collection – By Marvel

    There’s a reason why you see children running about during playtime – or any other time, really – dressed as Spiderman, Thor or even the Hulk…

    It’s because these Marvel superheroes are brave souls who can be looked up to (well, some aspects of Tony Stark’s personality are a little questionable, let’s be honest). These are people who take on harsh trials in order to come out the other side as “the good guy”, earning respect from those around them. These heroes are inspirational figureheads for young children everywhere – not just some silly illustrations in a comic book, no sir!

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    Easy-to-make Sock Puppets : Lots of Crazy, Quirky Puppets to Make!

    Once you start, you won’t be able to stop creating these silly sock puppets. Each art kits includes everything you need: instruction book, colorful socks and craft materials to make 3 puppets.

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    Imagine It! Handprint Art

    Use the special handprint stamps, colourful ink pads and paints to create cute animals and other characters. Fill up the fun scenes in the art pad with your fantastic stamped creations!