Why should you buy these books for your 9 year old girl?

9 is a big age to a child and that is why picking the right books for 8 – 10 year old girls is important. 9 is right in the middle of this and kids of this age are at all different levels when it comes to reading. This means for a parent, an aunt or a good friend, picking the right book can be rather tough.

Do not worry though as today I have compiled a list of books that my own daughters have read when then were around this age. So, I would say any book on this list is a safe purchase for a child who is 9. Not only are the books I am suggesting fun, but they are also going to help your child become a better reader and love books even more!

The Dark is Rising

Susan Cooper

If you are looking for a series of books for your child to get into. The Dark is Rising is one of the best books for 8 – 10-year-old girls around! It has a Christmas setting and instead of feeling joy and getting ready to open presents. Will Stanton, an 11-year-old kid is having a very different Christmas. He awakens to find himself in a strange world that is very different from the one he knows. With mystery, suspense, drama and more. Kids will want to plow through this whole series to see how it all ends.

The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman

My daughter was obsessed with this book! The premise is very dark, but it is great for more mature 9-year-olds. A murderer sets their sights on this normal family, only for the baby to escape and end up in a graveyard. If that is not weird enough, this child is brought up by the ghosts who live in the graveyard! This is a wonderful book that follows this child called Bod all through his childhood, always with the fear of the killer returning to finish what he started! So yes, this is rather dark, but for the right child, this is a real page-turner.

Cicada Summer

Kate Constable

Cicada Summer is one of the best books for 8 – 10-year-old girls on this list. It is a very well written book and perfect for girls who love a book that treats them with respect as a reader. It is about a young girl called Eloise. Eloise’s mother passes away and her dad moves her to his hometown where they plan to turn their run-down family mansion into something that can make money. Eloise is still very withdrawn after the death of her mother, but a meeting with a ghost girl changes everything!

Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 1)

Garth Nix

For kids who love fantasy, you cannot go wrong with the Keys to the Kingdom series. My youngest daughter fell in love with this series and spent most of Christmas day a couple of years back with her nose in the first two books! Basically, this one here starts it all off with a youngster called Arthur. This is a book that has it all and our “hero” Arthur is in for a tough time as there is a mysterious house, a key that is strange and a whole lot of danger that he must contend with.

A Few More Suggestions

We have looked at some awesome books for 8 – 10-year-old girls, but if you want your child to read a real “classic” these are books that you really cannot go wrong with. These are books that are more well known, but you sometimes overlook these books as they are so obvious. These are all books that my own kids have loved when they were younger.

The Hobbit

While some may say that Lord of the Rings is better, for a child The Hobbit is a much better read. My eldest actually started reading this on a whim in school and became in love with the magical world that J.J.R Tolkien had created. I feel that Lord of the Rings may be a tad much for kids of this age, but The Hobbit is sure to capture any 9 years old’s attention.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

My youngest actually watched the Netflix show of this and that was what led her to read the books. This is a series of 13 books about a group of “special” children who find themselves orphaned. Their dastardly uncle Olaf (Count Olaf to you!) wants the fortune the kids have been left for himself and will stop at nothing to get it. These books are weird, funny and full of suspense.

The Chronicles Of Narnia

I was a little worried that the Narnia series may be a bit dated for today’s kids. Well, I was wrong as this series is really timeless. I will say that my eldest has only read the first three books, but she really enjoyed them. For kids who love it when kids have to save the day, especially in a fantasy setting. Then they are perfect for The Chronicles Of Narnia series. A
true timeless classic when it comes to books for 8 to 10-year-old girls.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Ok so while this may be about a boy, Greg Heffley. These books are just as much fun for little girls as they are boys. Each one has a somewhat different theme, but the idea is the same. Each book follows Greg, his family, and friends (well from Greg’s point of view) as they try to navigate this crazy thing, we all call life. I have heard both my girls actually laugh out loud when they have been reading these books so that right there tells you how good these are.

So, there you have it some truly fantastic books for 8 to 10-year-old girls. As a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to keep your child interested in reading. Especially once they get a phone, tablet or computer and discover the wonders of the internet and YouTube! There is a great selection of books here for you to consider and any one of these is sure to be appreciated by a girl who loves to read.

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