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Parenting Guide: Easy Ways for Parents to Help Kids Become Successful Readers

Many parents really want to help their child learn to read, but some do not know the best way to go about this. In truth every child is different and what works for one kid may not work for yours. Do not worry though! Keep sticking at it and eventually, you will find what makes it all fall in place for your child.

Today, we are having a look at ways that you can help your child become a more successful reader. Reading is a huge part of a child’s school life so helping them become a better reader is going to greatly help them get on better at school.

Read to Your Child

Reading to your child is the first step in helping them take an interest in reading. You want them to become excited about reading from as young an age as possible and this is on you to make that happen. Reading with your child lets them see the magic of books and it will also make them want to learn how to read themselves. Reading is something that should be fun and it can be a lot of fun for you to read with your child.

One extra tip that can help is that while you are reading, move your fingers along the words as you read. This will help your child recognise certain words and begin to understand how they are formed.

Phonics Can Be the Key

You may think that “phonics” is a fad, but sounding out words can be what really makes it all click for a child. There is a reason that if you were to do a search on a popular online store that sells everything, you would find close to 300 different phonics sets for children! Phonics helps a child sound out a word and lets them see how words are formed.

This is one of the main ways that kids are taught from an early age in school how to read. So, getting a head start before they go to school or even doing it as a tune-up at home is a great way to help their reading ability.

Have Your Child Read to You

When your child does start school, they will more than likely bring books home that they need to read. Have your child read to you as often as possible. This way you can help them read and help them sound out words and notice patterns and so on.

Reading is like any skill; it requires practice so dedicating even just five minutes a night to reading a couple of pages is going to be something that helps their reading skills.

Show an Interest in What They Are Reading

A huge part of learning to read is understanding what you are reading. You want your child to form their own opinion about what it is they are reading so ask plenty of questions. We are not talking about book critic level questions here. Ask them things about the characters, such as why did this character do that?

This will get your child to think more about what they are reading. Reading is just as much about taking in the information and understanding it as it is just blasting through it and knowing what each word means.

You Can Never Read Too Much

Reading as we have established is a skill and a skill needs to be practiced. So do not listen to people when they say you can have a child read too much! Always make time for your child to read. The more they read the better they will get at it, that is a simple fact.

You do have to walk that fine line though of them getting “sick” of reading. So, if they are tired or if they have already read for the day, letting them have a small rest can help in the long run so keep that in mind.

Let Them Read What They Want to Read

While they will be getting plenty of books to read at school. You really want to embrace your child to develop their own reading habits. The best way that you can do this by letting them pick their own books. Books that they think are cool and interesting are going to make them want to read more and also discuss with you the book that they are reading.

You can take them to the library once a week or even to the book store as a special treat. Some kids will find reading the latest adventures of Spider-Man much more interesting than the book they are being made to read at school. Having books that your child actually finds interesting can be the key to making them actually want to read.

Embrace Technology

While nothing will ever replace a good book. The fact of the matter is there are some great reading tools that you can use with your computer and tablet. You can get all kinds of games and exercises that make learning to read more of a game. These can be fun ways to help a child learn to read and it can feel less like “school work” for them so it may get them more excited about reading.

There is nothing wrong at all with using a fun reading game on your tablet to help sharpen up those reading skills. It is also worth noting that if your child loves playing on the tablet, they may be more interested in reading an eBook than a proper book.

These are some simple ways that you can help kids become successful readers. While we have looked at some good tips here today. It is worth making an extra special note that the real key here is constant parent-child interaction and reading together. You cannot expect your child to get better at reading if you only read with them a couple of times per week.

You need to make reading part of your daily lives and you also need to make reading as much fun as possible. You really want your child to develop a strong love for reading and by reading things they are interested in and making reading as fun as possible, you are doing just that!

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