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Must-Buy Winnie the Pooh Book Set for Toddlers

looking at one of the most adorable, fun and even educational collection of Winnie The Pooh books this side of Owl’s library in The Hundred Acre Wood. Just like you and your children, we love Winnie The Pooh here at Mumzilla so we want to share this awesome set of books with you.

If you are looking for something to get your child as excited about reading as when Pooh comes across an unwatched honey pot! Then this is the set for you!

12 Books For One Great Price

One of the best things about the Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh – My First Library 12 Board Book Block set is how much bang for your buck you are getting. Included are 12 awesome mini board books that are perfect for younger kids just discovering the world of books. The books that make up this collection are,

  • Count With Pooh
  • Hundred Acre Friends
  • Was It A Woozle?
  • Rainy Day
  • The Honey Pot
  • Explore
  • A Hungry Pooh Bear
  • Hundred Acre Walk
  • Where Is Eeyore’s Tail?
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • A Bath For Tigger
  • A Visit From Pooh

This is one fantastic collection of books and there is a lot of variety to each one too so your child is not going to get bored quickly with these fun and cute little stories. These 12 separate books make this the ultimate Winnie The Pooh storybook collection for tiny little Pooh fans.

Great For Bedtime Reading

Actually, reading one of these at any time of the day is a good time, but these books are perfect for reading to your child as they are drifting off to sleep. Each book is nice and short and very easy to follow. You have a little bit of text and a charming picture of what is going on. You can get through one of these books in just a few minutes so they are a fun, but quick way of calming things down just before bed.

All The Winnie the Pooh Characters Are Here!

While Winnie The Pooh is the star of the Hundred Acre Wood. This Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh – My First Library 12 Board Book Block collection does actually feature all of the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit and the rest of the gang all make appearances here. This kind of variety is what makes this such an interesting set. It also works are a really good way to introduce your child to all of the characters that make up the Winnie The Pooh universe.

Made For Little Hands

Another thing that makes this a perfect Winnie The Pooh storybook collection for younger children is the fact they are all board books. This means that these books are more than equipped for rough little hands that like to rip things! Actually, there is no way that a child would be able to rip or damage one of these books so they are going to last a very long time. They are also made to be easier for younger children to hold as well. Your child will look super cute holding one of these as they take in the adventures of Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger.

They Can Take It With Them Wherever They Go

Going on adventures is a big part of life in the Hundred Acre Wood! Well, your child can take this collection of books with them wherever they go. It is really cool how the packaging for this set is designed so that all the books can be kept safely (and tidily) inside of it. It has a neat little carrying handle on the top and it will look very nice in their bedroom. Plus, this does keep them from leaving the books all over the floor. You can even use this as a way to try and teach them how to take care of books.

You Can Share Your Love Of Disney With Your Child

Let’s face it one of the best things about kids is that we can share our love for all things Disney with them and that is very much true for this collection of books. We have already touched on this, but you really will struggle to find a better set of books to expose your child to the world of the Hundred Acre Wood with than these ones. Just be warned that once you open this Honey Pot, your child will want more and more. Which to be fair is not a bad thing as Winnie The Pooh is awesome.

As you can see this Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh – My First Library 12 Board Book Block set is a great first Winnie The Pooh storybook collection. We love what Disney is doing with their Disney Baby range and for us, this is one of the crown jewels in the set. If you want a nice collection of books that you can read with your child, you will love this!

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