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Book Review: Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing

If you are looking for a lovely Winnie The Pooh storybook to add to your child’s collection, you really cannot go wrong with, Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing. Is there a more charming and adorable duo than Winnie the Pooh and Piglet? We do not think there is and that is why we feel this book is going to be one that is requested time and time again when you are reading a bedtime story to your little one.

See why this is one of the most popular books from The Hundred Acre Wood gang that we have here at Mumzilla!

About “Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing” Children’s Picture Book

For a child that loves Piglet and the whole Hundred Acre Wood family in general. You really cannot go wrong with this Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing book. This is actually part of the Winnie the Pooh & Friends series of books and it has proven to be one of the most popular ones that we have here at Mumzilla online children’s bookstore. If you want a Winnie The Pooh storybook that is just as much fun for you as your child this is it.

We all know that kids love stories that are about Winnie The Pooh. While this one does feature that silly old bear himself. It is pretty awesome how Piglet has a really prominent part to play in this story. It is great for kids who are smaller and need to see that being small does not mean you cannot help or be brave.

The actual story of this is very cute. Winnie The Pooh and Piglet are visiting some of their friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. It is a pretty normal (well as normal as a day can be for these two) day until they go to visit Owl. Something “strange” happens which leads to Owl’s house turning on its side! It is really fun to see Piglet have to be brave and try to save the day. Kids are going to have a great time reading this with you at bedtime and it is easy enough to follow that once they become a more confident reader, they will be able to read it themselves too.

Another thing that is really nice about this book is the art style. The Winnie The Pooh & Friends series of books uses the old classic style of A.A. Milne. There is just something extra cute about seeing Pooh and Piglet look like this.

Is It Good For My Child?

We feel that Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing is a great Winnie The Pooh storybook for any child to have in their collection. Not only is it a charming story with some lovely artwork. This is a book that can kickstart a love for reading and have your child want to start collecting these books. If your child already has some Winnie The Pooh books that they already enjoy, well this would make a great addition to that collection.

Any book that promotes a love for reading gets a thumbs up from us. While the story is nice, it is also very easy to follow. That makes this a book that is ideal if you want something that is going to give your child a real confidence boost when it comes to reading.

What About Value for Money?

Even though this is a very high-quality book; it is also one of the most affordable. As this is a single Winnie The Pooh storybook, you can get it for under 10 bucks which is an absolute steal! This is the kind of book that your child is going to want to read time and time again. As the story is so charming, you really will not mind reading this one to them over and over before bedtime. While there are some great collections of Winnie The Pooh stories out there. If you want a single book, you really cannot go wrong with this one.

If your child always wants a new Winnie The Pooh storybook they are going to really love Piglet Does A Very Grand Thing. It has all the fun and charm of the Hundred Acre Wood, but it also has a lot of heart to it as well. It is great seeing Piglet be the one to save the day and we are sure this is going to be a book that your child wants you to read to them many, many times.

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