My Arts And Crafts Horror Stories 

My kids ever since they were really little have had a thing for painting, papier-mâché, Play-Doh and so on. They always have liked to make things. My eldest son still likes to draw and he actually has a few different comic books that he is working on right now. My youngest son is just starting to get to the age of where I think he will no longer want to paint or make things.

This really sucks as it means my kids are growing up but at the same time as much fun as we have had over the years making all kinds of cool things. Ranging from clay Sonic the Hedgehog character to papier-mâché versions of the characters from the movie Space Jam….. legit that is a real thing that we did. I showed the kids Space Jam and for some reason making puppets out of papier-mâché was what it inspired them to do. However, there were times I wanted to pull my hair out, sell the kids or just flat out move house rather than clean after an arts and crafts session.

Here are some of the horror stories of when my kids did arts and crafts. I can look back and laugh now, but I sure as heck was not laughing when these happened!


Grandpa and the Play-Doh In The Carpet

Sure this may sound like it is the title of some kind of whimsical children’s book, however, there was nothing whimsical about the state of my living room! I had to go Christmas shopping and naturally did not want the kids with me when I did it. My dad offered to watch the kids. He arrived, I said goodbye and off I went. I was having a very nice time. It was the first time I had been shopping without the kids in quite some time and let’s just say I did not exactly hurry back. I was feeling a bit guilty for leaving my dad with the kids for so long so I eventually snapped into high gear and got the shopping done.

Any guilt I was feeling went right out the window as soon as I walked in the door. My dad greeted me at the door and said he had to rush off as my mum needed some bread picking up. Weird, I thought, but I said ok and thanks for watching the kids as he sped away. I walked into the living room and was in shock as all over the carpet was Play-Doh, I do not mean sitting on the carpet like the kids were playing with it, but smashed in so hard that it was like they used a sledgehammer to do it! Let’s just say after this grandad was banned from playing with Play-Doh.

It took me ages to get it all out. The kids thought it was hilarious and were more bothered about showing me the Play-Doh structures that they made. I had to actually get a knife and dig it all out, that is how smashed in it was. This incident happened five years ago and still to this day my dad and kids say they do not know how there were at least 8 patches of Play-Doh in the carpet, it is like they made some kind of pact to conceal the truth from me.


The Blow Pens Art Gallery

Have you heard of these things called BLO Pens? They are pens that your child blows into and then they spray on the paper. They are really cool and make for some pretty fun and interesting spray paint style effects. My youngest son got a set of these for his birthday and had a lot of fun with them. It was a Ninja Turtles set and it came with templates that let him make his own cool spray pictures. They made a BLO Pens Airbrush set which was really cool. The idea of this was that instead of physically blowing into the pens. You placed them in this little device and then used a pump which then let you make airbrush style pictures.

My son had so much fun with the regular BLO Pens that I thought this set, which came with Minions templates would be a lot of fun for him. It was two days after Christmas and he asked if he could use his BLO Pens. I said sure and asked if he could make a Minion for me. He said yes. So I got the BLO Pens out and put down the large tablecloth so that he would not have to do it on the carpet. I asked him what he wanted for lunch and off I went to make it.

While I was in the kitchen I could hear the BLO Pens airbrush machine working and was happy my son was having fun. I walk into the living room and nearly drop the lunch I so lovingly made for him. You are probably thinking he got a little bit on the carpet, aren’t you? Well, that would have been no big deal compared to what actually happened. In the five minutes, it took me to make his sandwich. He decided that as I wanted a Minion it would be even better if he sprayed some directly onto the walls and even on the carpet, the same carpet that was nearly destroyed by Play-Doh earlier in the year. I did not know what to say! I could feel my blood boiling, I calmly asked if he was allowed to draw on the wall, he said no. So I asked why he did it, he looked at me with those big eyes, those big manipulative eyes and said “I thought you would really like it” and he had me! I cleaned it all off which was thankfully a heck of a lot easier than getting rid of the Play-Doh.

After this BLO Pens were something that was done under extreme supervision. I am pretty sure people in prison have more freedom doing art than I gave my kids when they used that BLO Pens airbrush machine!

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