Fun Arts And Crafts Ideas With Toilet Roll 

In my house, I appear to be the only person (and I am including my other half in this!) who realises that there is not some kind of toilet roll fairy that will place the new roll of toilet paper on the handle and put the empty one that you just finished off into the bin! This means that sometimes when I take a stand and refuse to put empty toilet rolls in the bin that there can be two or three in there!

Well despite me raving like a lunatic at my family to replace and bin, as we had a few empty toilet rolls left over we decided to use them for arts and crafts and it is something you guys can have a lot of fun with……. Chances are no one is going to put them in the bin anyway so you might as well get some fun with them!


What You Need

These are the supplies that you will need to make some cool pieces of art with your toilet roll.

Toilet rolls



Pipe cleaners

Wool balls

Googly eyes

Craft glue

Anything else the kids think might be cool


What To Do


Step 1

I am not going to sit here and preach to you about what you should make, but I will give you a few ideas.

One fun thing that my kids like to make are toilet roll monsters and superheroes.

The first thing that you want to do is paint your toilet roll. This is the base colour and will make up most of your toilet roll person. So if your child is making a Captain America they will want to make it blue. If they are making a big monster they will want to make it green. If they are making a princess pink. Do you see what I mean? Using the main colour as your base makes things much easier.

Once painted you want to leave it to 100 percent dry. I know that when you are doing arts and crafts with the kids the waiting time can be brutal and result in a lot of complaining. One way that I got around this was getting them to do their base painting just before bath time and then we left them overnight and they did them in the morning.

Another tactic that a friend of mine suggested is that you paint the toilet roll and then you go out to buy your pipe cleaners, woolly balls, googly eyes and whatever. This gives the toilet roll time to dry and it also makes this an activity that can take most of a day up.


Step 2

Once the toilet rolls are nice and dry you can then go about making your toilet roll art. Anything goes here as far as I am concerned. But if your child does want to make a specific character. Let’s use Captain America as an example, mainly because this is one that my son has made numerous times. If they are making an actual character, you will want to try and get them to plan out what they are going to do before they start gluing things onto the toilet roll.

Sometimes kids will not listen and just start gluing stuff and then realise that they have made a mistake. Instead of them getting down about it, do a Bob Ross and tell them that it is not a mistake, but a “happy accident” and that they can work with what they have done. So what if it is no longer Captain America? He can be turned into your own superhero or monster and then you can try and make Captain America another time.

The main problem that I have had making toilet roll art over the years is glue. Kids tend to want to over glue like crazy and it can be a nightmare to deal with. This is why I only use craft glue, it is easy to clean off clothes, the sofa, the floor, their hair and anywhere else it ends up. Try and get them to be as thrifty with the glue as possible.


These are the ways that we take what feels like an army of empty toilet rolls from our bathroom and then have fun with them. Anyone can do this and in all honesty, it is something you can have fun with as a family and it is going to only cost you a couple of bucks so it is a very inexpensive way to have some family fun.

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