How To Make Christmas More Memorable & Personal

It is nearly that time of year again when Santa comes down the chimney…. Or if you are like most modern houses, you say he comes in the door as you do not have a chimney, but you know what I mean. While the presents are great, I thought today I would share with you guys a few of the things we have done over the years that have given me some great family memories. I also want to share a few Christmas ideas you guys can do to make some personal gifts that you can give other family members.


Wrapping The Door

Ok, so full disclosure here I stole this idea of a person I know at the gym. They told me they did this one year so I decided to try it and it was awesome. You know how the kids jump out of bed at like 5:30 in the morning, wake you up and then run downstairs, bursting into the living room? Well, one thing you can do to make this process a little more fun and memorable is wrap the door with Christmas wrapping paper. When I say wrap the door, I mean open the door and wrap the empty space. If you wrap the actual door the kids will just slam into it, which may be funny, but it is not exactly fitting with the Christmas spirit.

My youngest son was the first downstairs and thought it was so cool that he got to burst through the wrapping paper. We first did this three years ago and now each year he says that he hopes Santa wraps the door again.


School Photo Christmas Keychains

The school my kids go to tend to do their annual school photos just before Christmas and I found this to be a very nice present to give the grandparents. The idea is that you get one of the smaller, keychain sized photos. You then buy a clear plastic keychain that you can put your own photo in. You need this to be clear on both sides. One side has the photo of your child and then on the other side, you can give your kid a little bit of paper.

They can write a note to the grandparents on this or they can draw a photo. Last year, for example, my youngest son (my eldest is way too cool to do this kind of thing now apparently) drew a Harley Davidson logo for my dad and then for some reason a Porg from Star Wars for my mum. The grandparents loved this and they have them on their keys still.


The Present Hunt

This is something I have only done once, but it worked very well and thought you guys might want to give it a try. Each year in our house we have all the presents in the living room. Two years ago though, my eldest son wanted a gaming PC. The problem with this was that with all the other presents and the fact we had a table and chairs out for the rest of the family that was coming over. We had no space at all to fit a computer, desk, and chair.

What we did was set it up in the back room and closed the door. We then tied a piece of string to a card and wrote “To find your main present, you must follow this line of code (it is a computer reference) he followed the string to the back room and flipped out when he saw his gaming PC. This is a very cherished memory that I have and I am sure it is something that my son is also going to remember and hopefully tell his own kids when he is older…… like much older I am no way ready to be a grandparent myself in the next ten years!


These are just a few fun ways that we have made Christmas more memorable. Not just for the kids, but for me, my partner and my parents as well. It is the little things like this that are remembered when the kids get older, more than the 100 dollar Transformer that you bought or the limited edition Barbie doll. Try and do these fun things as early as possible as there will come a time when your kids will think they are too old and cool to enjoy the magic of Christmas, my eldest is a teenager and we are practically there already! So enjoy it while you can!

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