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Just wait until the terrible twos, or just wait until you have a toddler tantrum to deal with! These were words that my mother said to me many, many years ago. I though just brushed them off. Of course, I had heard of the horror of a toddler tantrum, but I knew I would be able to deal with it. I mean how hard can it be to tell a little kid to stop what they are doing, behave and that they cannot have all the Power Rangers in the store?………

Well if you are a parent you know that my cockiness in my early days of being a parent came back to bite me in the bum big time! I have had to deal with more than few toddler tantrums in my day and like many of you, I sometimes wished I could just throw my hands in the air and run away. I have looked at what some of the “modern” ways for dealing with a toddler tantrum are and thought I would have a little fun by sharing my views on if they would actually work.


Ignoring Them

When they start throwing themselves on the ground, turning into the Hulk and tipping over cop cars just ignore them is what they tell you! In theory, this is a great idea, by giving their tantrum no attention you are not validating their behavior. I have done this many times and eventually, the tantrum will wear itself out, it is kind of like a tornado. However, when you are out in public like at the supermarket or at McDonald’s it can be a cringe inducing experience when your child is acting like they are Taz from Loony Tunes! Ignoring them I think can work, but man it is very, very tough.


Give Them Some Love

It may sound crazy the thought of “rewarding” or validating their tantrum with a hug and telling them its ok is the way to go, but some folks swear by this. I get what people are saying with this method of tantrum busting, but trying to hug your kid when they are breakdancing on the floor or going from wall to wall like they are Spider-Man is very hard. I think giving them a cuddle and some love when they are having a tantrum all depends on what the tantrum is about. If they are freaking out in the toy store because you won’t buy them something then that really does not deserve a hug, but if it is something that you can empathise with then a hug may help.


The Art Of Distraction

This was my go to method of getting through tantrums and I would say that its success rate was quite high. You have to be on your A game and ready to act in a moment’s notice, but distracting can be a great way to snap a kid out of a tantrum. It is like in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex is going nuts and Dr. Grant distracts it with a flare. If you are going out in public and feel a tantrum could be on the cards, always have some kind of candy on you. Distract them with a song, a question or even the dog that is walking down the street. Anything is fair game when you are trying to distract them from their tantrum.


Talk Them Out Of It

If you can do this then you are in the wrong line of work and need to get a job talking down harden criminals! In all seriousness in a perfect world, we could all talk down our kids when they are having a world class tantrum. This can sometimes work, if you can get in with a “tell me what is wrong” during their freak out they very well may be willing to talk to you and tell you what is causing them so much distress. This is not easy, but if you can talk to them and try and get to bottom of their tantrum you may have found the key to preventing them from happening in the future.


No two kids are the same so I am not certainly going to tell you that what worked for my terrorising two year olds is going to work for yours. But out of these four common tantrum dealing methods. For me, it was certainly the art of distraction that worked the best. This would more often than not be me showing the kids something, telling them something or even grabbing a bag of M&M’s and throwing them into their mouth from a more than safe distance. The tantrums will eventually die down, but I know that really is not all that comforting to hear when you are just trying to buy some groceries and your kid is freaking out like they are training for the tantrum world championships!


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