Why Operation Is A Great Christmas Gift Idea

The holiday season is nearly upon us and today I thought I would look at one of the games that my kids have loved to play, Operation. This is a great Christmas gift idea and if you are reading this at some other point in the year, Operation makes a great birthday gift as well.

Playing board games is something that we love to do as a family and Operation is one of our favourite games and we for some reason have about a million different versions of it. My youngest son has asked Santa to bring him yet another version of Operation so I thought it would be fun to look at some of the different versions of Operation and let you know why they would be great for your kids.


Star Wars Chewbacca

This is the newest one on this list and as I write this we have not played it just yet as Santa is bringing it to my son this Christmas. What I love about this one is, first of all, it is Chewbacca, but instead of the standard pieces you have to pull out of him it is Porgs! My kids love the Porgs from Star Wars The Last Jedi so this is something that is going to get a lot of playtime on Christmas day.


Star Wars R2-D2

At the moment this is our go to game of Operation. It is the same Operation that you know and love, but this one has R2-D2 on the operating table and the idea is that you are C-3PO trying to save his annoying little buddy. You still have to draw cards, remove pieces and try to get as much money as possible to win the game.



All kids love the Minions and this one here was actually a gift my eldest son got for his birthday from a friend a couple of years back. The idea is the same as always get all of the items out of the Minion without setting the alarm off. The kids had a lot of fun with this one and as of right now, Minions Operation seems to be one of the lower priced versions of the game out there.


Incredible Hulk

There are a few different Marvel Operation games. I know that there is an Iron Man one as well as a couple different Spider-Man versions as well. The one we have is The Incredible Hulk. This one is awesome as the Hulk yells when you touch the side and his eyes light up. My youngest son would never win as he always liked to make Hulk yell. This is done in the superhero squad style so it is aimed at younger kids, but it was something that even my eldest son really liked to play as well.


SpongeBob Squarepants

All kids love SpongeBob and it feels like this guy has been on TV forever. The SpongeBob Monopoly kind of has a dark twist to it. Plankton has captured him and needs to retrieve the Krabby Patty Formula! Poor SpongeBob is held on the operating table and you are trying to help Plankton, not SpongeBob! The idea of the game is the same and seeing SpongeBob’s nose light up when you hit the sides is pretty funny.


What Makes Operation So Much Fun?

One of the reasons that Operation is always a game the kids want to play when we have a family game night is that it is so easy to play, but a lot of fun. There are not any overcomplicated rules, it is easy to get into and it is a game anyone can play. Plus it is always very funny when someone gets scared when they accidentally set the buzzer off. Also while some folks will love the classic Operation game and that is cool. You get all kinds of Operation games these days so pick one that has something to do with what your kids like and they will get into it even more.


If you are looking for a fun gift to get one of the kids this holiday season or even for their birthday. You really cannot go wrong with Operation. This is a game my kids have had fun with for years. Plus, Operation is actually a very reasonably priced game these days so it can even serve as a little gift for a good school report or something like that.





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